What is a Cigalike?

Cigalike is an e cigarette that looks like a real cigarette. It has white body with yellow filter. It is very similar to standard cigarette. Here is a list of brands that have e cigs similar to a real cigarettes. Old tobacco cigarettes are history and also they were very bad for you health.


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Cigalike cigs in my opinion are the coolest ones.

With all the associating harmful effects of smoking tobacco – Cigalike has become one of the best safe alternatives for folks who still get the cravings for smoking.

Cigalike are used by millions of smokers worldwide and is deliberated to be one of the utmost health breakthroughs of our time, with the prospect to save millions from smoke related bereavements.

Cigalike is simply unique and is designed to look and feel just like a real cigarette. There are several advantages of using cigalikes over other e-cigarettes’. For starters, these collections are a lot easier to move around than other bumpier electronic cigarette replicas which utilize refillable liquids.

They model all the design attributes of real cigarettes, up to the ash-like LED portion that lights up red when triggered – which truly makes the shift from tobacco to cigarettes much easier.

Cigalikes are healthier options to tobacco cigarettes, and they are the best to make the transition – looking and feeling the most comparable to a normal cigarette – to satisfy the urge and craving.

A Cigalike is short for cigarette-like and is an electronic cigarette that is small and light!

In the initial times of the electronic cigarette, practically all devices on the marketplace were cigalikes. Producers assumed the accustomed look and feel would make it stress-free for chain-smokers to switch to e-cigarettes, and figures evidenced they were right. Though several vapers utilize other e-cig brands but cigalikes are still the most prevalent amongst casual vapers seeking for something portable and easy to use.

With respect to operations – cigalikes are not much unlike other larger e-cigarette mock-ups; and the majority is prepared with a cartomizer and a battery, whilst the other more cutting-edge models have replaced the cartomizer with clearomizers and tanks.

Cigalikes are either refillable or disposable and are typically considered as the entry level to vaping.

Give it a try and you will be saving yourself from tobacco related health problems whilst yet enjoying the feel of true smoking!